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The dog-fathered small Japanese monster and my dear from-the-same-womb - The Delayed Diary [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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The dog-fathered small Japanese monster and my dear from-the-same-womb [Apr. 7th, 2008|11:54 am]
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The dog-fathered small Japanese monsters and my dear from-the-same-womb

Where: Beijing
When: Spring

It was the first time for me to attend an employment meeting after I went to beijing. The meeting was held in Agriculture Exhibition in the east of beijing.
I put on the best suit I had before I went out.
I looked clean.
I also looked confident.
I got on a bus with my resume.
I imagined what kind of boss or recruitment person I would meet.
After I got off the bus, I found it was so crowded there.
I found the ticket selling place to bought a ticket at 10 Yuan.
I entered the hall.

I found a company I was interested in. Then I tried to talk to the persons behind the desk. Surprisingly, they could not speak chinese. They spoke in Japanese. And one of them pointed at a sign to let me to have a look. I found it read "Japanese language needed" in chinese. I got embarrassed. I said sorry and left. And I saw those Japanese bowed to me with smile. When I smile back, they bowed again.

When I found a recruitment agency company, I stayed. I wanted to register. I asked a young female staff to give me a form to fill. She glimpsed at me as if she had only white on her eyeballs. She reluctantly gave me a form by a whiplash on the desk.
There's some blank I didn't know whether I had to fill.
I asked the woman about that.
She answered me by shouting like a thunderstorm full of hatred and despise, "How can we do if you don't fill?!"
Her accent told me that she was beijing native.
I gave the form back to her. She grabbed it and whiplashed it to the pile of paper heavily. She was full of hatred.
She looked like an active hatred volcano. She hated non-beijing-native so much!
beijing native got supported like parasites. But we, the supporters, got hated so much by those parasites.

I got shocked.
I could not calm down.
I hadn't been able to sleep well for days.
I asked myself repeatedly why my dear from-the-same-womb treated me so rudely, so hatefully, while the dog-fathered small Japanese monsters treated me so politely. Why were the dear not dear? Why were the monsters not monster? Why was the truth opposite to what han chinese have been telling?