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"You hadn't got caught to Changping!" - The Delayed Diary [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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"You hadn't got caught to Changping!" [Apr. 6th, 2008|03:23 pm]
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"You hadn't got caught to Changping!"

Place: beijing
Time: Autumn

When I rode my bike to work, I saw several female and male persons in uniforms standing on the roadside with nailed sticks in hand. When some people passed by, they got checked. And some bikes got held.
I was curious.
I went ahead and watched the persons who held the nailed sticks.
When I passed by, they ran to me to round me up and shouted "stop!" "stop!".
I stopped and asked why.
They didn't explain. They just ordered me to turn in my bike, and ordered me to show my ID.
I showed them my ID.
They ordered me to show some evidence to prove the bike was mine.
I told them I had no enough time to go back home to get the invoice to prove it, and asked whether I could show them the invoice after I was off duty. Then they locked my bike on the roadside and told me to get the bike back by showing them the invoice.
I had no other choice. I had to walk to where I lived to find the invoice. But when I came back, my bike was moved to another place. I had to walk to where my bike got moved to.
After showing them my invoice, I got my bike back. And I complained that I had never done anything wrong.
I didn't get any explanation, but got retorted "you hadn't got caught to Changping!" And I saw the men in uniforms were full of hatred.

I arrived where I worked about 1 hour late.

I can still see the eyes staring at me with so much hatred.


* Why did I get checked? Because I was not beijing native. They don't check any beijing native, as if no beijing native had done anything wrong, or no people from other area were not thefts or not robbers. But the truth was beijing native committed crimes in uniforms or they robbed other people by asking for donation, or for love!

* They hated non-beijing-native so much. The hatred in their mind was like the active volcano. Usually, those people in uniforms could not find good jobs. But they held the nailed stick to check those people who financially supported them. They only hated their financial supporters mindlessly. They discriminated non native people so much.

* They caught non-beijing-native to Changping concentration camp to do hard work to "make money" to buy a transportation ticket to expel them.